The Manipal Conclave

Jatin Sarna

Now widely known as "Bunty" from Sacred Games, Jatin Sarna has long established himself as a prominent name as a name that has come to be synonymous with film and theatre excellence.

Jitendra Kumar

The actor who garnered massive fandom playing the beloved "Jeetu" in TVF's Pitchers, and also appearing in a variety of comedy sketches, Jitendra Kumar, is perhaps best known for how relatable his roles our to the Indian youth.

Kanishk Sajnani

Who would have known that a twenty-something, self-taught ethical hacker would be able hack into every major airline company to demonstrate how internet security still remains to be an elusive myth?

Prajakta Koli

Perhaps better known by her internet handle "mostly sane," Prajakta Koli has amassed a following of millions of viewers on her YouTube channel in only a few years. She is the Indian ambassador for YouTube's 'Creaters for Change,' which deals with social issues.

Radhika Apte

From making her feature film debut in 2005, to being cast in films from all the regions of the country, Radhika Apte is a rare talent that is hard to ignore, and is slowly shaping up to be an Indian pop culture icon.

Ashwin Sanghi

A household name in our country today, Ashwin Sanghi has come to redefine Indian literature with his bestselling mystery-thriller books sprinkled with Indian mythology.

Sandeep Singh

The former Indian hockey team captain whose story of fighting through everything that life had to throw his way is so moving that even Bollywood felt compelled to immortalise it in the silver screen.

Shivankit Singh Parihar

An actor and writer for TVF productions, Shivankit's ability to keep the audience engaged with smart humour, is unparalleled.